Bulova Golden Music Wall Clock

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The “Golden Music”0

Dimension: 20” H x 11.5: W 3.5” D

UPC # 042429584754

Gold Finish molded case

Accurate quartz movement

Silent sweep seconds hand (no ticking)

Plays 12 different tunes, one each hour

Waltz of the Flowers

Twinkle Twinkle little star

Green Sleeves

The Blue Danbue

For Alice


Beautiful Dreamer

Hayden Serenade

Serenade Schubert

Wings of Songs

Liebestraun NO. 3

Rockaby baby

Gold Finish molded case with burl woodgrain accents

Accurate quartz movement

Automatic night silence

Volume control

Rotating crystalline pendulum, Bells under dial swing back and forth as well.

Side facing on demand button for demonstrating the features.

Glass Lens

Uses 2 C cell batteries and 1 AA (not included )